Mayor Jackson Calls for LOCAL Workers on City Construction Projects

Speaking to a group of development and construction industry leaders, Mayor Frank Jackson lamented the problem of developers hiring contractors — especially contractors from outside the region — who win contracts for local construction projects and then do not hire local residents, including skilled local trades people, to work on those jobs.

The city intends to formalize community benefits agreements with developers that will increase the number of Cleveland residents working on construction jobs in the city; read the full details here:

Mayor Jackson seeks more Cleveland workers on construction projects

A dangerous and potentially catastrophic employment situation is playing out RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE IN CLEVELAND that affects all of us.

Cleveland State University is using unfair and unscrupulous practices in building its new, $50 million residential neighborhood community, “Campus Village,” by skirting local and city laws and rules that are intended to employ local Cleveland construction workers.

Instead, CSU has made a deal for non-CSU private entities to build the project and use OUT-OF-STATE construction workers employed by OUT-OF-STATE contractors – effectively taking much-needed jobs away from Cleveland residents … and the tax benefits for the city that come along with those local jobs.

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Cleveland PLAIN DEALER Reports: U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge joins protest of Campus Village at CSU, saying more locals should be hired.

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The C.S.U. CAULDRON Reports: Shame on CSU?

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What Can Happen When Out-of-State Contractors Work on Local Jobs?

Cleveland construction workers care about Cleveland — and the construction projects that are building and shaping the city’s future. Employing skilled Cleveland construction-trades contractors helps ensure projects are completed properly with a qualified workforce, because local contractors follow local rules and ordinances and use local workers who are being trained locally!

NOT CONVINCED? Read what happened in Kent, Ohio, recently when an out-of-state contractor was hired for a local construction job:
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